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readers_united's Journal

Readers United
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A place for literary reviews of books, manga and fanfiction.
Hello and welcome to Readers United.

Ever read a book you loved to bits, or one that you hated immediately? Did you come across a fanfic or manga that made you want to bleach your eyes? How about one that moved you to no end? And, more importantly, would you like to share your experience with others?

Then this is the community for you.

Join up and give a short description of the books (or fanfic or manga) in question, along with a personal review. Discuss what you read and find people that shared your experience, or enjoy a friendly debate over the qualities (or lack thereof) of certain pieces.

Friendly being the keyword here.

Some ideas:

- When posting, please maintain a polite tone.
- I would like to say there are no books that are off limits, but for now, refrain from reviewing the "Harry Potter" books, since we all know there are no two opinions on it that are alike.
- Or "Twilight", for that matter.
- However, fanfiction of all sorts is allowed. Shaman King/Yu-gi-oh crossovers? Sure. Scooby Doo meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I'm sure it has been done. You want to review a Star Wars/Lord of the Rings fanfic? Knock yourself out. I'm sure we'll manage to accomodate all tastes.
- All posts here are subjective reviews that only express the author's personal opinion - there is rarely only one thing that could be said about a literary work, so please accept them in good grace.

And enjoy! Enjoy reading! Enjoy discussing! That's what we're here for!